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Personal Protection

When threats are made, they should be taken seriously and investigated. While many threats are made in a moment’s anger and may not be serious,  it just takes that one threat that is real to cause disaster.Threats can also be made to you or your family that are personal.  A spouse, ex-spouse, neighbor, stranger, ex-friend, family member,  boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, and many others can make these  threats.  It is very uncomfortable to think, or know, you or your family  is being stalked by someone waiting to cause you harm.  

In cases of Personal Protection, SHADOW OP INVESTIGATIONS, LLC can give  you peace of mind that you are protected.  The best way to deal with any  type of confrontation is to be removed from the threat.  Once this is  accomplished, steps can be taken to remove the threat.

SHADOW OP INVESTIGATIONS, LLC is not a security company. We do not  provide building and grounds security. We DO provide PERSONAL PROTECTION.  

If you feel SHADOW OP INVESTIGATIONS, LLC can be of service to you, please contact us today for a confidential consultation.
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We are fully insured and are licensed by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.
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